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Faux Wood Blinds Add Rustic Charm

Enjoy the rustic charm faux wood blinds bring to your home. There are several other reasons to consider faux wood blinds beyond the down-home quality they add to your home.

If you can’t afford the investment of wood blinds, faux blinds are the right way to go for your wallet. Faux wood always costs a fraction of the price of real wood. Moisture and humidity causes wood to swell and warp. The constant swelling and warping will cause the wood to lose its protective finish over time, leaving it exposed to the harsh elements. You don’t have to worry about any of that with faux wood blinds because they are able to withstand much harsher conditions without changing shape or color. This resistance makes them a great choice for bathrooms and for use in your entire home if you live in a part of the country with high humidity.

Getting real wood blinds is not only a huge investment in money but in cleaning time too! You’ll have to get new cleaning supplies that work specifically for wood. With faux wood, you can clean them with whatever cleaners you have on hand. Faux wood blinds also offer the opportunity to experiment with a variety of colors.

With all of these marvelous advantages, you have to get faux wood blinds for your entire home from the JCPenney home department.

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