light filtering

Light Filtering

These blinds & shades gently diffuse incoming light and offer some privacy.

room darkening

Room Darkening

These blinds & shades block most of the light that enters your room and provide moderate privacy.



These blinds & shades block the sunlight completely & provide the most privacy and room darkness, day or night.

Blinds and Shades Buying Guide

Blinds & Shades Buying Guide

Not sure where to start? We've got your windows covered! Check out our blinds and shades guide to find the right fit for your space.

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Mini blinds are great to control the amount of light that comes into your home as well as the amount of energy that comes and goes. The right mini blinds can add the perfect aesthetic accent to any room in your house, or apartment.  When choosing your mini blinds, you will need to decide which aesthetic look, light filtering ability, and features are needed for your room.

Choose Mini Blinds With the Features to Accommodate Your Needs

Mini blinds come with a variety of features to choose from that can provide added convenience, complement a room's decor, or make your mini blinds easier to use. There are energy-saving models that can keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter, helping to reduce your overall yearly energy bills. You can pick models that can be cut to any specific width and custom made to fit any size window. To have complete control over your light filtering, choose a model with an auto-locking cord mechanism that can adjust and hold the blind height. There are also corded and cordless options to choose from.

Pick Mini Blinds in the Color and Material to Complement Your Room Décor

Whatever your room's décor, there is a mini blind material and color to work with your home's theme and color scheme. You can choose from varying shades of gray, white, beige, black, and brown. Once you have decided on which color will work best for your other décor, you can determine what material will help finish the look. Pick from materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and fabric. Aluminum and mini vinyl blinds can provide a shiny, high-gloss finish that can work as an accent look for a room, while fabric blinds can give the room more muted or soft tones.

Choose the Mini Blinds That Filter the Right Amount of Light

The primary function of your mini blinds should be to control the amount of light that enters the room. There are room-darkening options for those who want to filter the sun's light and heat entirely out of the room. You can also choose the color and material that will allow the right amount of light in and keep as much light out of the room as you desire.

To have more control, you may want to choose one of the mini blind options that are controlled with a wand.  If you merely want to let the sun in during certain times of the day, selecting a cordless option can make opening and closing the blinds as easy as pushing them up or down.

Choose the perfect small window blinds to control the natural light in your home and accent your décor.

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