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30 results

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Blinds are an excellent way to protect rooms from the glare of sunshine and keep them cool at the same time. JCPenney offers a series of roller shades that are trendy, chic, and can breathe a fresh lease of life by adding new colors and textures to your room. Compared to other window treatments, these roller shades are affordable yet very practical because they are cut to the right width - there is no measuring required! The best part about adding roller shades is that they can blend with different decors. You can add them with curtains or alone on a window, opt for contrasting shades which will make the room bright and beautiful.

The Perfect Pull-Down Shades for Every Room

Perfect for office and home space, roller blinds can cover windows edge to edge, giving a clean and classy look to your space. They can be folded in style and auto lock them in one place. JCPenney pull-down shades collection comes with easy installation, fade resistance, and are cut-to-width for better light filtration. These shades can transform your space effortlessly. If mounting them in your room, try room darkening shades or a vinyl blind for your living form. These blinds can do wonders for your living room window and to the patio. So, enjoy the privacy and allow the flow of light in a room, just as you like.

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