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Your Home Needs Roller Shades

Blinds and curtains look great on big picture windows in the living room, but they're impractical for many other areas of the house. Your home's window treatments are going to change from room to room. Roller shades are an inexpensive yet stylish way to decorate your windows.

Why Roller Shades Make Sense

Here's one serious advantage of roller shades: they're cut to the right width. Instead of measuring your windows and crossing your fingers that you'll find blinds you like in the correct size, know that you'll always get the size you need in roller shades. Unlike blinds, which bunch at the bottom if you get a length that's too long, roller shades are pulled from the top, keeping extra material from hanging out near your windowsill.

Shades Are Stylish

If your idea of roller shades is unattractive white vinyl, stop right there. Roller shades have become an attractive way to block the light from windows. Today's roller shades come in different colors, fabric options, and textures. Add attractive edges, and you'll see why roller shades from JC Penney are a great choice.

To add a little extra flounce to a guest bedroom or a child's room, try fringed or scalloped roller shades. With color options like white, beige, brown, and teal, you can find roller shades to complement any bedroom decor styles. If you like a rustic, natural look with neutral tones, bamboo roller are an excellent choice.

The Perfect Shades for Every Room

Get blackout shades to completely eliminate the sun's rays from entering a room. These are perfect for hot, sunny climates or for windows that face south. Needless to say, they're ideal for bedrooms, where controlling the amount of light that enters the room is essential to your rest.

For rooms like the kitchen, where you want to dim the natural light but not block it out entirely, get light-filtering shades. Some are made of materials like bamboo, with thin slats fitting tightly together that allow a little bit of light to enter. For dark rooms, get roller shades made of sheer or semi-sheer material that lets more light in.

Whether you're looking for functional blackout roller shades or decorative fringed ones, you'll find it at JCPenney online.

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