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Shop 108-Inch Curtains at JCPenney

Browse the JCPenney collection of 108-inch curtains to find the ones that suit your room best. Shop for blackout curtains, light filtering curtains, eclipse curtains, and sheer curtain panels in a variety of colors and styles. JCPenney has polyester easy-care curtains to keep life simple and your rooms looking good. Shop JCPenney for curtains to suit your style!

Blackout Curtains

Find stylish and pretty 108-inch blackout curtains in the JCPenney collection. Look for 100% blackout and blackout curtain panels to make your room dark when you want it to be. Blackout curtains are ideal for people who need to sleep during the day or those who are sensitive to light. Shop JCPenney to find the ideal 108-inch blackout curtains for your room.

Grommet Curtains

Browse the JCPenney collection of curtains to find ones that match your style and décor. Look for grommet top curtains, tab top, or rod pocket curtain panels to find the styles you prefer. Heavy woven curtains with a grommet top could be just the style you are looking for! Find embroidered, ombre, lace, or solid color styles in the selection of 108-inch curtains at JCPenney.

Sheer Curtains

Choose a set of sheer curtains to let in just the right amount of light. Find lace and damask styles in pastel colors or neutrals to blend in with your décor. Sheer curtain panels with rod pocket tops make a room look classic and inviting. Look for light sheer curtains to add some delicate style to your room while still letting the light shine in. You'll find lots of options of sheer curtains in the JCPenney collection, so find your style right here.

Easy Care

Shop the JCPenney collection of curtains and curtain panels to find the right ones for you. Polyester curtains mean easy care and come with no special instructions. Find woven styles or light lacy curtains made of easy-care fabrics so all you have to do is hang them up and let them look good. JCPenney likes to keep life simple and has just the easy-care curtains you are looking for.

Light-Filtering Curtains

Check out JCPenney for light-filtering curtains in many styles. Choose curtain panels that block out most of the light or go for lighter panels that still let in some sunshine. Whether you want 100% blackout curtains or just want something to make the room look brighter, JCPenney has the 108-inch curtains for you. Keep the room dark enough for sleep or just keep the outside glare down, you'll find what you're looking for in the JCPenney selection of light-filtering curtains.

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