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Complement a Room With 108-Inch Curtains

The curtains in a room may seem like relatively small elements of the décor, but by choosing them carefully, you can show off your personality, complement furnishings, and make the space more welcoming for guests. Shop our wide assortment of colors, fabrics, and styles, and see how easy it is to find curtains that enhance your abode and earn compliments.

Discover Curtains With Multiple Purposes

Ask people what curtains do, and most of the responses you get would probably be about how they decorate windows. That is indeed one of the top functions, but you can also find curtains at JCPenney that serve other, important purposes and boost the functionality of a room.

For example, if you are a light sleeper and get distracted by exterior light or if you work at night and need to slumber during the day, you might want to focus on our blackout curtains. They block sunlight, street lights, and the headlights from passing cars to keep the room consistently dark regardless of variations outside.

Also, like many people, you may be concerned about energy efficiency and keeping your utility bills as low as possible. In that case, choosing 108-inch curtains with thermal layers inside them could support your goal. The purposeful fabric helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by making environmental factors less prominent and maintaining the effects of your heater or air conditioner.

Pick Out Curtains That Suit Your Style

After picking out your curtains, you'll probably notice them a lot. That's why it's a good idea to take your time when browsing the different kinds and deciding which ones you like best. You might go with a set of curtains that features carefully embroidered designs, especially if you're a detail-oriented person. There are also versions with solid pieces of fabric on the outsides and sheer material on the insides. These varieties give a layered look to your window that offers timeless results. You can find 108-inch curtains with contrasting patterns, too.

Ready to spruce up your windows? The JCPenney website is a great place to start. Sort through the possibilities at your convenience, so you won't feel rushed or otherwise pressured.

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