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Add Style to Your Large Windows With 120-Inch Curtains

If you have large windows or doors, you can still add style to them with 120-inch curtains. These extra-long curtains offer you the privacy you need while still providing the beauty you want. Discover how you can incorporate these curtains into any room that needs them.

Easy Way to Change Your Room's Look

When you want to redecorate a room but don't have the budget for an entire makeover, replacing your curtains is a quick and simple way to change the look of your entire room. Choose curtains with a new pattern that goes with the colors you currently have in your room, and you can enjoy a new look for less.

Plenty of Different Colors

No matter what existing color you have in your room, you can find curtains that will complement it nicely. You can go with soft, neutral colors like cream, gray, or white to go with nearly any decor you already have in the room. Or, you can select a brighter shade to add some fun color to your room. There are curtains with light patterns, as well as curtains with bold designs.

Your Choice of Style

When you're deciding on your new curtains, you'll also have to pick which style you'd like. While there are numerous different styles, and the two most popular are grommet and rod pocket. If you frequently like to open and close your curtains, grommet style might be your best option. This style has large grommets at the top that slide easily along a curtain rod. If you typically keep your curtains closed, rod pocket curtains might work better for you.

Consider Different Features

If you have a large window or door in your bedroom, 120-inch curtains are ideal for giving you privacy and shade. In the bedroom, look for blackout curtains. This feature will help block out most of the light so that you can get a good night's rest. If you're simply looking for style but not interested in privacy, sheer curtains add a nice touch and let plenty of natural light come through.

When you need to find the perfect curtains for large windows or doors, shop the great selection of 120-inch curtains at JCPenney.

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