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Juniors Workout Clothes at JCPenney

Exercising is a key component to staying healthy. But, you need to be comfortable in the clothes you work out in so you'll feel more likely to continue moving and stretching. And, of course, the obvious reason to buy new activewear—you want to look cute and you want the style to match your personality. JCPenney juniors activewear is the answer to all of those requisites. Not only do we have the pants, shirts and shorts to provide the stretch you need, but the colors, designs and silhouettes are on-trend.

Activewear Also Lounge wear

The great thing about juniors activewear is it can also double as loungewear. In these t-shirts, shorts and leggings, you can literally go from the gym to school to home, and look totally in place each time. Express your lighthearted side with graphic tops showcasing pop culture, nature and mottos. Leggings and joggers are the comfort pants of choice for teenagers. You can simply pull these on with a sweatshirt and head off to class. Cute and comfortable!

Grab a Cover up When It's Chilly

To ensure that you're staying in ultimate comfort temp zone, always keep a jacket handy. After a workout session or during brisk walks, you'll find that having a lightweight windbreaker or hoodie can be the one thing that keeps you moving longer and stronger.

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