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332 results

Coats for Women are an Extension of Your Style

Women's jackets and coats not only provide warmth, they also provide an extra layer of style. An active jacket is a great coverup to your workout wear. Windbreakers and hoodies can give you pockets for your keys or phone during your workout. Denim jackets can up the overall style of your outfit. Traditional blue takes center stage, but a supporting cast of colorful hues creates a powerful ensemble.


The Warmth Factor of Women's Coats

Sometimes all you need is a little extra coverage. That's where lightweight jackets like fleece come into play. Midweight quilted jackets give you that warmth you need while out and about doing errands. Heavyweight jackets provide the ultimate in warmth in colder temps thanks to padded insulation, faux fur hoods, and drawstring hems to keep out the chill


Rain or Shine, Women's Jackets Keep You Comfortable

A little drizzle may not call for a full-out umbrella. Instead, simply grab a raincoat or anorak for a waterproof layer that'll still look stylish. Cinched drawstring waists, snap or zipper pockets and hoods ensure you and any small items stay dry. These jackets are also perfect for walks during blustery weather to keep you protected from the breeze. In regular and plus sizes, these jackets will give you the protection you want.

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