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Give Into the Timeless Comfort and Style of Women's Levi Jeans

Women's Levi's are iconic—full-stop, point-blank, end of sentence. Take advantage of the brand's reputation and explore the wide world of Levi's clothing for women. You'll find jeans that fit every imaginable shape, size, and taste level, but the fashion doesn't stop there—uncover a selection of tops, skirts, shorts, and jackets, as well.

Jeans for Days

It doesn't matter what style of jeans you like best; you'll find them here. Skinny jeans are still going strong in the world of trending fashion. Stonewashed, white, black, distressed—pick your poison. Relaxed fit and boot cut jeans abound. Cool off in denim shorts in various lengths or capris that give off a carefree, preppy vibe. Denim leggings are even more fitted than skinny jeans, but it's easier to move around in them, so you get the best of both worlds. Clearly, you're spoiled for choices. You've got denim for days.

Every Type of Top

You might not realize the stunning selection of tops that Levi's has to offer. T-shirts emblazoned with pleasing on-brand designs are ideal for casual days. Wear them to the gym, or let them do double duty as pajama tops. Cozy flannels in vivid plaid palettes embrace the grunge look that's coming back with such a comfortable vengeance. Why not layer them with a Levi's tee? You can even find fashion tops, such as off-the-shoulder pieces with a distinct Boho chic vibe.

A Little Extra

Denim is a versatile material. It's also timeless, so it's no surprise that Levi's has a variety of other denim items. Why not up your fashion game and step out wearing a denim vest? Pins and patches are optional. Take your love for retro fashion to a new, higher level. Remember when you used to wear your denim jacket everywhere? Pick up the habit again. All you have to do is pick out a modern version of your vintage favorite.

Jean skirts are having a huge trending moment, as well. You might want to stick with black, but you'll wear it more often than you think. You can't go wrong with denim shorts, either. From Bermuda shorts to thigh-skimming options, you'll find a style you love.

Browse jeans, jackets, tops, and more to satisfy your cravings for denim. Check out JCPenney's collection of women's Levi's clothing and indulge yourself.

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