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Give Into the Timeless Comfort and Style of Women's Levi Jeans

Every woman knows there is nothing quite like a great pair of jeans to make you feel fabulous. JCPenney has a selection of Levi's jeans for women in a variety of fit styles including skinny fit, bootcut, straight leg, high-rise or mid-rise styles, and more. If you're looking for a great pair of women's Levi jeans, JCPenney has a selection of jeans for you. You'll find your new Levi's women's jeans right here.

High-Rise Jeans

Levi's high-rise jeans for women look great on any body type. Look for different leg styles including skinny jeans with a high-rise waist. Women's Levi jeans in high-rise styles look great with most shirts and tops. Look for high-rise jeans from the JCPenney collection in Misses sizes as well as tall and plus sizes. All women deserve a great pair of jeans! Browse the JCPenney collection to find a high-rise pair of jeans for you. Choose a pair in dark or light wash to suit your taste and style.

Mid-Rise Jeans

JCPenney has a great selection of mid-rise jeans to suit any body. Browse the JCPenney collection of mid-rise jeans in classic straight leg and skinny jean styles. Levi's has always meant great jeans, and you can find any style that suits you in the JCPenney collection of mid-rise jeans for women. Shop JCPenney and find great Levi's jeans for women in whatever style you like best. Find mid-rise jeans in every shade from white to classic blue to black. JCPenney has your style.

Skinny Fit

You absolutely do not have to be skinny to wear Skinny fit jeans. Skinny fit Levi's jeans for women from the JCPenney collection look great on anybody. Find them in mid-rise or high-rise styles or find a pair that sits at the waist. JCPenney has a selection of skinny fit jeans in all sizes including plus styles, so every woman can wear her favorite jeans! Look for dark wash skinny fit jeans to go with any color or style of top.

Every Type of Top

You might not realize the stunning selection of tops that Levi's has to offer. T-shirts emblazoned with pleasing on-brand designs are ideal for casual days. Wear them to the gym, or let them do double duty as pajama tops. Cozy flannels in vivid plaid palettes embrace the grunge look that's coming back with such a comfortable vengeance. Why not layer them with a Levi's tee? You can even find fashion tops, such as off-the-shoulder pieces with a distinct Boho chic vibe.

A Little Extra

Denim is a versatile material. It's also timeless, so it's no surprise that Levi's has a variety of other denim items. Why not up your fashion game and step out wearing a denim vest? Pins and patches are optional. Take your love for retro fashion to a new, higher level. Remember when you used to wear your denim jacket everywhere? Pick up the habit again. All you have to do is pick out a modern version of your vintage favorite.Jean skirts are having a huge trending moment, as well. You might want to stick with black, but you'll wear it more often than you think. You can't go wrong with denim shorts, either. From Bermuda shorts to thigh-skimming options, you'll find a style you love.