Find Quality Bath and Body Accessories Only at JCPenney

Sometimes having the right kind of products that suit your skin us just not enough. You need the adequate accessories that complement the products. And, JCPenney has all the things you need achieve the results you’re looking for. Stock up your bathroom with our wide rang of accessories including shower accessories, loofahs, foot scrubbers and more. We also have moisturizing gloves and socks to be used post shower for supple and soft-to-touch skin.

Bathing Accessories That You’ll Love

Need something ideal for your cleansing your body? Go for a loofah sponge. They are a must-have and exfoliates dead skin cells and unclog pores. You could also go for cloth glove for effortless convenience. For the days you want to keep your hair dry, opt for a shower cap or shower headbands. We also have body lotion for intense moisturizing that will address all the signs of dry flaking skin. Whatever you need JCPenney has all the bath and body accessories that your skin has been craving for.

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