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In the realm of well-being, JCPenney Beauty invites you to get on a journey of self-care with Earth Therapeutics. Our commitment to enhancing your natural beauty is reflected in a curated collection that transcends skincare – it becomes a ritual, a celebration of your unique radiance. Earth Therapeutics, a brand synonymous with quality and holistic wellness, brings you a spectrum of skincare wonders crafted for various skin types. Pamper your under-eyes with the green tea under-eye hydrogel patch, a harmonious blend of green tea, aloe vera, cucumber, and chamomile. Dive into serenity with the contoured sleep mask that blocks out light and provides peaceful sleep. Or unveil radiant skin with the charcoal face mask, a nightly ritual for purifying and nourishing your skin.

Revitalize Every Step with Footcare Essentials

Grounded in the belief that beauty extends to every inch of your being, Earth Therapeutics has a splendid array of footcare products. Elevate your footcare routine with our exfoliating foot scrub, enriched with the goodness of Australian tea tree oil, cooling wintergreen, and soothing chamomile. Let the transformative properties of organic botanicals sweep away rough and dry skin. Explore further with our foot file, herbal foot balm, and foot spray, each designed to add a touch of indulgence to your self-care ritual. And for the ultimate treat, slip into the comfort of our Aloe socks – infused with a special natural aloe vera weave and vitamin E. Not only do they provide plush comfort, but they also moisturize your feet, offering relief for cracked heels, and rough and tired skin. Delve deeper into our beauty collection to find bath & body products that will make sure you sparkle from head to toe. Shop at JCPenney today!

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