White Towels for a Pristine Clean

Fluffy, soft, cuddly, plush, and pure as the driven snow are a few of the ways to accurately describe white towels. Thirsty towels are part of everyday life, and at JCPenney, the selection of quality towels to fit each taste and decor is impressive. Whether you're redecorating the bathroom, updating the guest bathroom, or creating a holiday theme during the holidays, white towels are a solid base to use as a starting point to create an inviting look and feel.

Materials, Design, Size, and Absorbency

Bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths are items we depend on 365 days a year. They are items that we cannot do without. When replacing old towels or adding new ones to the inventory, white towels offer a variety of sizes, material textures, softness, absorbency, and various drying times. Towels also are part of a home's decor and can be coordinated to accentuate with other items, such as bathroom rugs and shower curtains sold separately in JCPenney collections. There are several things to consider when selecting towels that will do the best job overall. You will want a plush material that has excellent capabilities to absorb moisture, is ultra-soft to the touch, and dries quicker than a standard minimal thread towel. The faster a towel dries eliminates the fabric remaining moist for extended periods that can lead to a damp and sour odor. When looking for the ultimate efficiency in absorbency in white towels, those with moisture-wicking fabric do an excellent job controlling dampness.

White towels may be 100 percent cotton or a blending of materials. The material may be textured for better absorbency, embellished with patterns, monogrammed for a bit of upscale chic, or feature a decorative checkered border for visual enhancement. White towels also come in various lengths with easy-to-care-for techniques using traditional machine-washing technology. Standard bath towels and hand towels are sold separately or in multi-packs of the same size towel. Other options include multi-packs that contain a towel, hand towel, and washcloth, or in packages containing six or more pieces. When comfort is key, there's nothing like the feel of wrapping your body in a super soft white towel. You'll be enfolded into a soft cocoon of extra plushness that makes bath time a more than pleasant experience. Whether you're purchasing towels for the home or you're planning an impromptu travel adventure involving overnight tent camping or a cross-country hiking trip, an absorbent plush white towel is a great companion.

Make the bathroom visually appealing with white towels embellished with seasonal pictures depicting the holidays, scenic scenes, funny antidotes, and more. Whether you're upgrading a guest bathroom, the family bathroom, or choosing white towels just for you, explore our extensive collection of bath towels.

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