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Rest Easy With Soft and Comfortable Pima Cotton Sheets From JCPenney

Time for a new set of sheets and pillowcases? If you're looking for that cool crispness and soft feeling, nothing beats 100 percent Pima cotton sheets from JCPenney. Sumptuous cotton is one of the most beloved fabrics for linens, because it's soft, durable, and breathes well. It's easy-care and completely machine washable, and one of the best things about cotton sheets is they get softer with every wash.

Pima cotton sheets from JCPenney are some of the finest and highest-quality bedding available. Made from extra-long, staple cotton fibers spun into yarn, Pima cotton sheets will last for years. Today's cotton sheets are luxurious to the touch and are often the best choice for people with sensitive skin. Their cotton fibers wick away moisture while you're sleeping and cotton sheets are less likely to stain than polyester blends. Plus, cotton won't pill and lint like other blends.

Thread Count Matters, But High Doesn't Always Mean Best

The overall thread count of cotton sheets is merely the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. The idea is, the higher the thread count the softer the sheets and the better they stand up to washing over time. However, a more valuable quality over thread count is the linen's fibers. Quality Pima cotton sheets from JCPenney can range from 200 to 800 and are made exclusively from those coveted extra-long cotton strands.

Thread counts over 1,000 don't necessarily mean better bedding though because these sheets are made from very fine strands of yarns. If you're watching your wallet, enjoy a reasonably priced cotton set made from well-known Pima cotton that has high finishing and processing standards. Most people say that their favorite cotton sheets are in the 300 to 400 thread count range.

Turn Your Bed Suite into a Luxury Hotel Room

There is nothing more attractive than an inviting, well-made bed. Coordinate luxurious Pima cotton linens with your favorite comforter for a perfectly pulled-together bedroom. Available in a variety of both neutral hues and bright, bold color tones, you can never go wrong with crisp, cotton sheets. Create interest and add layers to your bed by spreading a duvet over your sheets. Top it off with a contrasting quilt to add texture and color to your bedroom ensemble. When it comes to outfitting your bed with cotton linens, the possibilities are endless.

Nothing is better than snuggling up in a cozy bed, and the right sheets will improve how well you sleep and enhance your overall health too. Pima cotton sheets just might be the closest you can get to old-fashioned bedding just like grandmother's. Make the most of your sleep with JCPenney's luxurious, 100 percent Pima cotton sheet sets.

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