Arts and Crafts for the Entire Family

Arts and crafts are a favorite pastime for millions of people. Select from an assortment of crafts, and find that perfect project for yourself and your family! Cut, stitch, and sew your way to a fabulous outfit with a sewing machine. Decorate your home with custom slip covers, pillows, blankets, and more. Sewing is fun, and a great way to express yourself through your creations. Heat transfers are an excellent complement to a brand new sewing machine. Transfer fun and fabulous designs to your newly created clothes, or use them to spice up your old ones. Turn plain paper into something special with an origami book. Create cranes, butterflies, horses, and more. Who knew folding paper could be so much fun! Put on an apron, and pick up a cookbook for hundreds of great recipes to try. Beginners can cultivate their cooking skills, and experts can explore new dishes. We also have all the supplies you need to create gourmet meals and mouthwatering desserts. Whatever your interest, we have it and then some. For more family fun, view our entire selection of arts and crafts in the homewares department.

Painting Supplies for Hours of Painting Fun

Shop our painting supplies, and pick up everything you need to create the most amazing art. Relaxing and fun, painting is an excellent stress reliever and mood booster. Grab a painting kit or two, lay some newspaper on the kitchen table, and let your kids go wild with their new paint set. Get a paint set for yourself, and try your hand at making happy little clouds. For those that prefer a bit more structure to their painting, a traditional paint by numbers set is the best way to go. Follow the instructions, and before you know it, you’ll have a gorgeous picture to frame. What’s your favorite medium? Oil, water color, or acrylic? We have supplies for all of them. Make sure you stock up on all the colors you need, so you don’t run out of any in the middle of a painting! Check out all of our painting and scrapbooking supplies in our home store for hours of fun.

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