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76 results

Shop Dorm Storage and Organization Products at JCPenney

When you need to get organized, JCPenney has you covered for all your storage needs. Find storage solutions for every room, in styles to suit every taste. Not every room has a lot of closet space, and sometimes you need a little help when it comes to finding places to store your clothes and accessories. For closet organization, we have clothes hangers, under bed storage bags, shoe containers, storage boxes and bins, laundry storage, and much more to keep your place tidy and organized.

Storage Solutions at Affordable Prices

Not every apartment or dorm room comes equipped with the necessary furniture for storing all your everyday items. Unfortunately, this can result in a cluttered environment, which is hard to relax in and doesn't look great when you have visitors! Find closet systems and other bedroom storage products for affordable prices at JCPenney. Our budget-friendly range can make organization a cinch, from our suit hangers, fold-up skirt hangers, under-bed shoe boxes and storage bags, to our bathroom and kitchen storage solutions.

Stay Organized with Media Storage

Are you looking for somewhere to store your vinyl records? We have a variety of vinyl record storage options designed to hold and display multiple vinyl records. Keep all your albums safe with Crosley record carrier cases and storage crates. We offer a selection of storage cases for vinyl turntable records - check out the stylish Crosley record crates to stash your precious vinyl albums and keep them protected for years to come.

Fresh Dorm Storage Ideas

If your room is tiny, you need to save space and keep your stuff neat and organized. Luckily, JCPenney offers a wide variety of clothes organizers, closet organizers, jewelry organizers, shoe storage containers, as well as other dorm storage solutions to hold all of your college supplies. With our cheap dorm storage products you can make sure your personal space is more organized and easy to live in, because it's not only about keeping your dorm room organized; it's about creating a cool space for studying, hanging and sleeping. You might be tight on space, but we have everything you need keep your place tidy, organized and looking good.

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