Dorm Essentials From JCPenney

Dorm Essentials From JCPenney

A college dorm room tends to be small and needs to fulfill a lot of roles. Students use it as a bedroom, a place to study, and a room for entertaining friends and family when they visit. It needs to be homely and practical, and at JCPenney we have a selection of dorm essentials that can turn a small room into a multifunctional and multipurpose palace.

We have school-specific accessories from the likes of Alabama Crimson Tide and the Tennessee Volunteers or you can browse our Back To School Shop where you can find practical items that make studying and working easier. You can also choose from our catalog of dorm room furniture and appliances to ensure that you have a great looking and functional decor.

Create A Comfortable Living Environment With Dorm Essentials

Dorm essentials include bedding, seating, and soft furnishings. These essential living items allow you to create a comfortable living environment - a home from home. Inexpensive items like cushions and throws, as well as artwork for the wall, enable you to personalize a room and improve the existing decor.

Space comes at a premium in dorm rooms. Every item needs to serve some purpose, while items like backrests provide you with comfortable seating without having to take up room with additional chairs. Couple a backrest with a cushion or two and you can essentially create a comfortable armchair and in virtually any style you like.

Living Essentials

College life isn't all work and sleep, and you will need clothing to match your style. Wear your school logo with clothes from brands like Alabama Crimson Tide, and fill your wardrobe with essentials from Juniors Apparel. We also stock brands like Sephora, offering makeup, skincare, beauty, and bath products that are inexpensive but great quality. We understand that you don't have money to burn, but you still need all of the essentials.

Back To School With JCPenney

Decorating your dorm is an exciting time. For many people, it is the first time they have enjoyed such a level of freedom when choosing items like furniture and furnishings. As well as creating a great looking base, you also need to fill it with essentials, and you need to do all of this on a strict budget. Take a look at all of our dorm essentials, or filter your results according to the type of item you want, your budget, or more.