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Step Up Your Game with Big & Tall Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Whether you want to work out, go out, or lay around, a big and tall hoodie or sweatshirt is what you want to wear. With a range of sizes, fits, and styles, JCPenney has one for almost every occasion. Your favorite brands like Puma, Levi's, and Champion accommodate a wider range of sizes, from large to 6XL, with many tall length options. When you're looking for the perfect workout hoodie or lounging hoodie, it's at JCPenney. Browse through our wide assortment of big and tall clothes showcasing the latest styles and designs, so you never fail to make an impression.

When to Wear Men's Sweatshirt

Workout gear is now a fashion statement, and some of your sweatshirts are downright fashionable to wear out. Sweatshirts that look like workout gear, especially those from fitness brands, are in style to wear like tops – whether you're going out to the store or hanging out with friends. You can go with the classic black or gray hoodie, or try branching out with a blue, green, or red sweatshirt. Plus, if the sweatshirt is in good repair and you're wearing jeans and nice shoes, you'll look perfectly put together. Of course, hoodies are perfect in their traditional settings: yard work and the gym. The big and tall sweatshirts at JCPenney are versatile. Get a few plain ones, either zip-up or pullover, for your everyday pursuits, too. Find your next favorite big and tall sweatshirt or hoodie at JCPenney and save online with free shipping!

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