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Dorm Bedding and Comforters

College represents many things—new experiences, new friends, and more importantly a new home away from home! Make the most of the new dorm by outfitting it with a fresh new set of dorm bedding! Whatever size sheets you need, you can be assured that we’ve got it! A medium-thickness comforter for your dorm is a must—light enough for warm weather while retaining enough warmth during the colder periods of the year. For dorm bed sheets, it’s always nice to have a set of wrinkle-resistant pieces for a neat and tidy look. Finally, pick up a comfy mattress pad to achieve the perfect blend of softness and support—you’ll need all the quality sleep you can get with our supremely comfortable college dorm bedding! Looking for dorm sheets that will fit you even better? Check out our selection of twin xl dorm bedding sets

The Coolest Dorm Bedding Decor

Improve your home away from home with our useful dorm bedding décor and accessories! Outfit your personal space with cute and colorful items such as rugs, throw pillows for dorm, lamps, and more! Got a blank space on that wall? Consider hanging a wall mirror or a nice picture to fill it! Leave no empty space unfilled and take advantage of every opportunity to show off your unique tastes and style! Populate your study desk with decorative yet functional lamps for those late-night study sessions. A standing lamp will provide enough lighting for the entire dorm room. Then, think about investing in a plush backrest for those times you feel the urge to lounge about and study atop your super-comfy dorm bedding

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