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A California King Size Mattress Fit for the Entire Family

A California king size mattress is just what you need if your bed is looking a bit too crowed. You’ve probably woken up in the morning to find that all of your kids have managed to come into your room at various times of the night and pile into your bed. There are little feet in your face and sides. You’ve also occasionally rolled over on your partner in the middle of the night. If this sounds like your life, then you need to head over to the JCPenney bed and bath department, and get a California king size mattress.

What’s your preferred firmness for your mattress: soft, medium, or hard? Picking out the proper firmness for your mattress is the best way to ensure that you get an excellent night’s rest each and every night. When your body gets the proper support, you wake up more refreshed.

We have euro-top and pillow top mattresses at your disposal. There’s not a huge difference between the two styles. On a euro-top mattress, the edges of the extra padding line up with the edges of the mattress. With a pillow top mattress, those edges extends just a little beyond.

There’s one more thing to consider when selecting king mattresses. It’s time to think about what style of king mattress you want. A regular king mattress is 76-inches wide and 80-inches long and a California king is 72-inches wide by 84-inches long. A California king is ideal for tall people, but if roominess is your aim, then go for a regular king mattress.

Now that you’ve picked out your new king size mattress, get a brand new bedding set as the perfect complement. Whatever your preference in top type, firmness, or length, you’ll find it at JCPenney. Shop our king mattresses today and upgrade your sleep!

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