Wine Racks and Coasters, Bar Essentials for Every Home

For the absolute best in décor and vinous pursuits, a well-crafted wine rack in your kitchen cannot be topped. Display all of your finest spirits in an attractively designed display that complements the rest of your home. Or, showcase your creative yet refined artistic sensibilities with an elegant wooden wine cabinet, perfect for entertaining guests while bringing a sophisticated touch to your living room furniture. Are you looking for a lovely set for serving drinks to the guests? Check our range of exclusive wine glasses available at great prices. We have different types of cocktail glasses such as martini glass, champagne glass, mule mugs, margarita glasses, and more. Each glass is designed to enhance the experience of enjoying your drink.

There is nothing more exciting like opening a fresh bottle of champagne or wine during your house party. For that, you need a wine opener that ejects the cork at the push of a button. Serving drinks on the rocks? You need an ice bucket to keep the ice cubes within your reach. Bid farewell to unsightly drink rings by using our stylish coasters! Choose from glass, cork, or another material and make a design statement while protecting the coffee table! And don’t forget to invest in a good pitcher for serving guests – perfect for letting the wine breathe before pouring. Add in some distinctive goblets for oh-so fashionable consumption and it’ll be a night that will be talked about for days to come! Round out your kitchen and home with a full range of wine and bar accessories at JCPenney!

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