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A white bathroom rug is a classic choice for any bathroom. Cool whites are relaxing, while warm whites add warmth to contrast with cold bathroom tiles. JCPenney has a wide range of white bathroom rugs from trusted names like Home Weavers, Liz Claiborne, and Better Trends. Choosing the right shape is also important. Rectangular bathroom rugs give a classic look, but many modern decorators prefer rectangular rugs with softer curved edges. Oval and round bathroom rugs are also appealing. A pedestal rug, which hugs the base of your toilet, is another stylish choice. Consider the space you have available when selecting the size and shape of your white bathroom rug. Or why not get them all? JCPenney bathroom rug collections, which bundle white bathroom rugs in a variety of shapes and sizes, can meet all your bathroom decorating needs.

Decorating with White Bathroom Rugs

Decorating with a white bathroom rug couldn't be any simpler. Since these bathroom rugs have a neutral hue, they will work with any bathroom color scheme and matching towel sets. The effect of a white bathroom rug in a bathroom with white walls and tiles is very clean and crisp. A white bathroom rug looks delicate in a pastel-colored bathroom, while it can provide a contrasting pop in the bathroom with a bolder color palette. Alternatively, you could break the rules and choose different colored bath towels for interest. Just be aware that too much white can look sterile and uninviting. Furthermore, if you like texture, look for white bathroom rugs with contoured borders or simple tiled contoured patterns. Find everything you are looking for only at the JCPenney bathroom rugs and mats collection. Shop now and save more!

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