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Add Some Depth to Your Bathroom Décor with Blue Towels

The bathroom is perhaps the hardest room in the home to decorate. It doesn't always allow you to express your tastes the way you can in other rooms of the house, yet it's something that shouldn't be overlooked. Fortunately, JCPenney brings you a wide selection of blue towels that will accentuate your bathroom fixtures. Choose from a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, Egyptian cotton, and more. Cotton is the source of every great bathroom towel, it's highly absorbent and soft to touch. If you're searching for something more upscale for your master or guest bathroom, consider blue towels in Egyptian cotton. This cotton is far more absorbent and softer than standard cotton. For something in the middle, opt for Turkish cotton. While you're at it, consider bath towel sets to coordinate with your existing bathroom décor. We also have a wide selection of hand towels you can pick from.

Choose a Pattern That Matches Your Tastes

While many blue towels come in solid colors, that's not your only option. Different shades of blue allow you to accent the bathroom to match your tastes. However, a patterned blue towel adds even more depth to your decor. Seek patterns such as vines, shells, paisleys, polka dots, chevron, and more. You can even layer blue towels on patterned towels for a more sophisticated bathroom setup. Matching blue towels to a shower curtain or a picture is a sure way to make your bathroom pop. Absorbent and durable at a fraction of the price, JCPenney offers great value for those on a budget. When you're in the market for blue towels, make sure to head over to JCPenney to check out our amazing selection of towels.

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