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Select black curtain rods from JCPenney to get your next home decor project finalized. Browse the wide range of styles and sizes in curtain hardware today. Black curtain rods make an ideal addition to your window decor. You can choose from sleek options with minimal designs that let your drapes hog the limelight. Or, create an upscale and elegant window-scape by pairing posh curtains with rods that sport sophisticated decorative finials.

Before you settle on the details of this part of your window decor, first decide which type of curtain hardware you need. Adjustable curtain rods are easy to fit to the window, making them convenient to install and move to a different location later. Tension rods pop right into the window frame to hold up light drapes and sheer black curtains without the need to install something in the wall. For heavier drapes, choose curtain rods that sit on brackets that are screwed to the wall.

Black curtain rods are an ideal option if you're choosing blackout drapes in dark tones and want to minimize any distracting contrast. This type of look works well in a home theater room or other area where you actually want to minimize the look of your windows. In dining, living and bedroom spaces, create a more eye-catching look by pairing black curtain rods with drapes or valences in lighter tones for an enjoyable contrast.

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