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Sweaty underarms and sweat stains can affect your mood, energy, and confidence – and nothing in this world can make business meetings or celebrations in a soggy dress shirt any comfortable. That’s why JCPenney carries a wide selection of moisture-wicking shirts for men in a range of styles. Invest in moisture-wicking, button-down shirts for work and formal events from brands like Stafford, JF J.Ferrar, and IZOD, or choose to carry casual, dry-wick shirts by American Outdoorsman. We also offer pullovers by PGA TOUR, solid tees by Columbia, and moisture-wicking polo shirts by St. John’s Bay. Our collection is available in a variety of colors and size options, making it easy for you to find the perfect moisture-wicking shirt for any occasion.

Find Quality Moisture-Wicking Shirts for Men

JCPenney’s collection of moisture-wicking shirts is designed to help you stay dry, smell clean, and keep cool. They are made using a high-quality fabric that’s engineered to pull sweat away from the body to the outside of the fabric such that it evaporates quickly. So, your body regulates its temperature more effectively and you stay dry despite perspiration. Though moisture-wicking undershirts and shirts are particularly useful during the summer months, you can wear them for all outdoor and indoor activities no matter what time of year.

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