Shop Polo Shirts for Men at JCPenney

Perk up your wardrobe with the preppy presence and optimal versatility of men's polo shirts from JCPenney. When it comes to work, play and everything in between, nothing is as multifaceted as the classic polo shirt. These high performing garments offer limitless pairing potential with everything from jeans and khakis to cargo pants and golf pants. A polo shirt encompasses the elegance of a shirt and casual coolness of a tee. Let the occasion sway your choice of dressing up in a polo shirt. Go for a smart yet casual look with classic cut polo shirts or if preppy is more your thing, pick golf shirts embellished with logos. Bring in the perfect blend of comfort and trendy as well. Channel the warm-weather vibe by donning a short-sleeve polo shirt or wrapping yourself in a long-sleeve shirt to curb the cold wind.

Infusing your closet collection with men's polo shirts from JCPenney gives you endless possibilities to look your best at work, school, sports such as golf, tennis and more. The traditional, scholarly style with a comfortable collar and buttoned neckline lends a redefined, yet relaxed profile to almost any situation or outing.

Timeless Polo Shirts in a Variety of Colors

Whether you are a traditional guy that stays true to black or blue colored polo shirts, or someone who likes to spice up their wardrobe with more colorful polos, JCPenney offers an expansive array of hues to satisfy any palette preference you have. Subtle patterns, classic stripes, color blocking, and embroidered embellishments offer a tasteful and visually appealing alternative to the simple solid polo shirt. These versatile closet essentials lend a timeless, subtly refined casual appeal to any ensemble for a look that never goes out of style. Search through numerous options and select perennial favorites from JCPenney that take you effortlessly from weekdays to weekends.