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The timeless plaid pattern has been a part of fashion for decades. JCPenney offers a great selection of plaid shirts for men in all sizes, from small to large and big & tall. Find short and long sleeve shirts for men for great casual attire for the hot and cold seasons. We also feature plaid shirts in vibrant, bright colors to neutral hues for an eye-catching style unlike any other. Enjoy the classic style of plaid pattern with a trendy twist only at JCPenney. You'll love the versatility of our button-down plaid shirts. Wear them buttoned to the top or tuck them in for a put-together look. You could also untuck your shirt when you want it to be more casual. For a classier look, achieve a crisp appearance in the office with a long sleeve plaid oxford shirt and slacks. And if you’re looking to ramp up your work wardrobe, you can wear a plaid shirt over a solid tee, or let your personal style shine by wearing it over a graphic tee. As long as you stay in the same or compliment the color family, you'll look fabulous and stylish to the max.

Comfortable Plaid Shirts You Can Count On

There is nothing better than finding comfortable clothing that looks great as well. If you're bored of the old T-shirt look, upgrade to the new hip plaid shirt from JCPenney. The plaid collection features soft, durable materials that ensure all-day comfort. Some of the features you'll notice are stretch fabrics, materials that are wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking fabric, and other essential qualities. You also even create different outfits by simply swapping out your pants. Kick-start your weekend by dressing in a vibrant colored plaid shirt with a pair of men's jeans or go for a stylish update with tailored slacks and a pair of loafers for a laid-back image. Our goal is to bring you well made, plaid shirts for ultimate style and comfort.

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