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Curtain and Drapery Rods, the Essential Living Room Piece

Curtains and drapes never work alone—they’re part of a dynamic duo. Say hello to the other half of the team—the underappreciated curtain rod. Choosing the perfect curtain hardware can give your windows as good as a makeover as getting new curtains! Our diverse offerings include styles ranging from the simple and functional to the most exquisite designs. Looking for something simple, with no frills and will get the job done? An unadorned drapery rod with ball finials would do the job just fine. For those looking for more decorative curtain rods, we’ve got some sporting crystal accents as well as intricately twisted finials for timeless elegance. You'll need enough window curtain rods and drapery hardware for every room with windows, and remember to get some extra rods to hang up those new kitchen curtains!

Check out the curtain rods and hardware buying guide for more information!

Drapery Hardware: Double & Long Curtain Rods

Transform an ordinary window into an extravagant view by using a double curtain rod to layer drapes over sheer curtains—it’s the best way to add a touch of class to any living space. Done right, layered drapes are a sight to behold! They’re an excellent way to freshen up the guest room or to give the living room a complete overhaul without replacing the entire living room set.

Create your own unique headboard design by hanging a curtain rod on the wall behind your bed frame. Drape your fabric of choice over the rod. Take this idea to the next level, and create your own canopy bed! Hang two long curtain rods on the ceiling and then secure your favorite fabric to it. Use double curtain rods for an even more dramatic look. If you have a daughter who wants a princess bed, this is a great way to give her one without budget busting. You can find everything you need to create this magnificent design in our home storefront.

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