How to Measure

Below are the steps you can take to help determine the correct rod size for your window. The goal is to calculate the right rod “length” to shop for. Rod length is essentially the width of your window + some allowances on both sides for the curtains to be able to be fully opened and the light to come in. In most spaces, decorative rods hung outside of the window frame, will look best and provide the most coverage. 

1. Measure how wide your window is. For consistency, measure from outside of the frame to the outside of the frame. 

2. Consider how much you would like your curtains to carry on past the window opening.  

      • A general rule is to add 20% allowance to the measured frame if you’re using decorative rods that extend past the window.

      • Consider adding a couple of inches of extra allowance for heavy fabrics like velvet, damask or brocade, that add thickness on both sides of the window when the curtains are open.  

3. Consider our Curtain Rod Size Chart below to help you make the best choice.  

Shop by Length

Shop by Type

Single Rod 

A classic approach to hanging drapes of all weight variances. Lightweight to heavyweight curtains can be used. 

Double Rod 

Designed for layering window treatments. Place heavier decorative curtains on the front rod and add sheer curtain on the back rod. 

Traverse Rod 

Aids in pulling fabric along the rod to create a pleated look. Cord-free design helps to create a safer environment in home with pets and kids. Rod can adjust to right, left or center closing. 

Blackout/Curved Rod 

Ideal for keeping out light. Pairs well with blackout curtains. Great for saving energy, blocking light and reducing noise.  

Tension Rod 

No tools required to set up. Easy installation with no drilling and no damage to walls. Ideal for light to medium weight curtains. Perfect for dorms or when window dimensions vary. 

Bay Window Rod 

This rod is a combination of 3 rods that allows you to fit 3 windows with angles extending out beyond an exterior wall. 

Cafe Rod 

Lightweight rods made of metal or plastic, usually paired to café curtains . Attach to the wall with two small brackets, one on each side of the window. 

Outdoor Rods 

For outdoor patio or gazebo curtains. Try a simple tension rod For sheer lightweight curtains, . For heavier curtains try a single rod and mount it into the wood patio support beams. Look for rust-resistant rods! 

Shop by Finish

White & Light Colors 

If your wall colors are light and airy with a similar white or light furniture, and sheer or lighter colored curtains, a white curtain rod will blend in nicely.


If your room style is more traditional with darker furniture and darker curtain materials, a black rod will tie in nicely with your existing furnishings.


Rich warm tones of bronze make it a tried-and-true classic addition for just about any interior style. Oil rubbed bronze finish is a variation on bronze that simulates aging. Colors range from a rich chocolate brown, copper and greens.

Gold & Brass 

Gold tones and accents in soft home furnishings, will be complemented with gold/brass curtain rods that will pick up the color and brighten the room. Gold rods can also be a statement on its own when combined with neutral colors.


Wood rods come in light to dark stained finishes, or they can be painted. These rods work well with many decor styles.

Greys – Silver, Nickel (Polished & Satin), Gunmetal & Pewter 

You can easily choose a complementary rod in the same color family by matching the rod color to the metal already present in the room. 

Windows & Doors

Small Window Solutions 

For small odd shaped windows such as bathroom, kitchen, basement windows, you can choose between flat rods, magnetic rods, cafe rods, or sash rods. 

Extra Large Window 

Need much heavier rod with extra support since curtain weight will be substantial. Choose rods larger than 1” in diameter and follow manufacturer recommendations showing how much weight a rod will support. 

Patio Doors 

Use heavy duty rods (usually 1 and ¼ “ in diameter or larger) with extra support bracket in the middle to prevent sagging.  

French Doors 

You can use an extra wide rod and curtain to cover the entire window run, including double sets of doors if needed. Alternatively, you can use sash rods that are installed at the top and at the bottom of the window with the curtain stretched in between. These are secured to the door, so the curtains move with the door. 

Curtain Accessories 

Curtain accessories such as finials, curtain holdbacks and tiebacks, rings and curtain hooks – can all be used to enhance your window and make your room style look different and unique. Tiebacks and holdbacks are both used to pull back curtains and to hold them to the sides of the windows. Tiebacks generally match or complement the window curtains in color for a harmonious look. You can add a punch of color with contrasting tiebacks or pick the texture different from your curtain panels material to add a modern look. Holdbacks usually match the curtain rods in color and finish. 


U-shaped metal or wood fixtures where the panel fits into the U.

Curtain Tiebacks

Decorative fabric straps or cords that loop around the curtain to hold panels open while creating a polished draped line.

How To Pick The Correct Clip Rings For Your Rod

Rod Diameter & Clip Rings

You will need to find a correct diameter size of the clip ring to purchase with your rod, as well as match the styling and finish to your liking. 

Proportion is key here as too large of a ring will look odd on a rod and leave the curtain top drooping, 
while too small of a diameter will catch on the rod not allowing you to open or close your curtain freely. 

A simple rule to follow is to choose a clip ring with a diameter that is about ½ of an inch larger than the diameter of your rod. 
Most retailers and manufacturers clearly indicate ring size = the inside diameter of the ring in the product description: 
• Size: 1¼" inside ring diameter 

So, if you plan to buy a 1 inch diameter rod, buy a ring that has the 
inside diameter of 1 and ½ inches to ensure the best fit and appearance. 

How many clip rings will I need? 

There are 2 good estimates to use: 

Distance between rings: generally, a clip ring should be placed about every 4-6 inches depending on the fabric weight. 
Heavier fabrics, like velvet, may need a bit more support. Sheer fabrics will require less. 

Weight estimate: each curtain clip ring can support up to 3 pounds of curtain weight. The standard set of 
7 clip rings can hold up to 21 pounds of curtain weight and should be sufficient for most common curtain panels.

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