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Long, cascading curtains look wonderful hung above tall windows. They drape from ceiling to floor, making lovely horizontal lines that draw the eye. That’s why, JCPenney brings you beautiful 95-inch curtains that feature a classic look. For big living rooms with lots of wood accents, try velvet 95-inch blackout curtains. These room-darkening curtains will help you limit light and energy loss through your windows. JCPenney velvet curtains will spur a regal feel when paired with the right wood furniture accents.

Tips for Hanging 95-Inch Curtains

Interior designers suggest hanging long curtains about 6 inches above your windows, extending 3 to 6 inches on either side. This allows the curtains to drape just above the floor without touching it. Creating an illusion of larger windows and ceilings higher than they are. The 95-inch curtain rod will add extra elegance to your curtains, so choose stylish rods to finish this job quickly. Consider how different colors and metallic sheens will match or clash with your décor and with the curtains. White curtains hanging off a white rod, for instance, will appear too monochromatic. Try white 95-inch sheer curtains with a gentle pattern hanging from a silver rod instead. This will give an ethereal look to your room. Find bright, sheer, or room-darkening curtains in a range of colors at JCPenney that matches any décor scheme.

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