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Get Cozy With Room-Darkening Blinds & Shades

Room-darkening blinds & shades are the perfect choice for bedrooms. Whether you want to block out the glare of the street lamps outside or you want to create the ideal atmosphere for an afternoon nap, you need window coverings that will let you relax. Room-darkening blinds & shades from JCPenney allow you to keep the light out and the comfort in.

Enjoy Peak Privacy

Your home is your sanctuary, and you don't want prying eyes to see what you're doing. Instead of risking that someone might see something you don't want them to, install blinds and shades that do more than keep the light out. Room-darkening curtains also block the view from the outside. Lined curtains, as well as opaque blinds and shades, will ensure that you can go about your activities without worrying about giving your neighbors a show. These window coverings are great for more than just the bedroom. Put them at the front of your home, too, so you can nap, do funny yoga moves, or just snuggle with your family in privacy.

Pick Your Style

Room-darkening blinds & shades come in so many colors and styles that you might have a hard time picking the ones that are right for your home. Rich, dark, solid colors give elegance and richness to a room. Match their color with your bed set, or create a lovely contrast with the wall color or flooring. Lighter-colored curtains are still effective at blocking light from the outside thanks to a hefty lining; use cheerful shades in your kids' bedrooms, or use them to complement your own happy style of décor.

Many room-darkening curtains come with beautiful patterns printed on them. The patterns will add even more depth and interest to a room. Dress up your opaque curtains with a valance, complementary sheer curtains, or a cornice board so that your windows have even more visual appeal. Shop for room-darkening blinds & shades at JCPenney. You'll find a robust selection; you can pick the style and size of window coverings to fill your needs. Pick up all the accessories you need to install your new shades, too. We look forward to helping you with all of your home décor needs!

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