Add Some Color and Comfort to Your Bathroom With Orange Towels

Perhaps you don't often think about the color of your bathroom towels, but these pieces of fabric are the main eye catcher and accessory in your bathroom. By adding some orange color to your bathroom, you brighten the entire room and your day in the process. With dozens of different styles, shades, patterns, and fabrics, there's a set of orange towels that will accentuate other decor in your bathroom or throughout the house.

Select from the Best Names in Home Décor

Not all towels are created equal. That's why you have the choice of orange towels from the biggest names in the home decor industry. Royal Velvet and Madison Park Signature provide upscale options for your towel choice, but don't forget about some of the less expensive choices. Our JCPenney Home line of towels provides superior absorption and comfort at an affordable price.

Pick the Perfect Fabric

Cotton is the most common type of fabric for most towels; however, that doesn't mean all cotton is the same. The quality of fabrics ranges from simple, everyday needs up to soft, spa-worthy towels. Children and the indifferent will find that standard cotton gets the job done without any fuss.

If you're looking to impress guests or you just love the gentle, fluffy feel of superior fabrics, opt for Egyptian cotton. Known for its softness and absorbent qualities, Egyptian cotton carries a higher grams-per-square-meter rating than standard cotton. This rating measures the absorbency of the towel. However, more absorption can make the towel wet for a longer period. For a balance of absorbency and fluffiness, go with Turkish cotton, as it blends these two qualities expertly.

Get the Towel You Need or a Full Set

Some people are indifferent to their bathroom towel situation, and if that's your case, you can pick from an array of orange towels to suit your tastes. That said, a six-piece set might work better to add some color to your master or guest bathroom. These sets typically feature two bath towels, two hand towels, and two wash cloths. This provides you with every type of towel you'll need to dry yourself, wipe moisture off the sink, or even remove makeup.

If you have a large family, you may also want to consider a jumbo 20-piece orange towel set. Containing six or more hand towels, bath towels, and washcloths, these sets ensure that you always have a towel right when you need it. These huge sets are also ideal for the influx of guests you may get during the holiday season. Regardless of how many orange towels you need, take a trip to JCPenney to scope out our wide selection.

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