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Tame Your Tresses and Make Them Shine With Hair Serums

Getting your hair to look good takes some effort. You use heat, styling wands, irons, hair dryers, and other tools to get your hair to lie just right. Then you find that your hair has become dry and dull from all of the tools. Other culprits include chemicals and dry weather conditions that rob your hair of necessary oils and nutrients to make it look good. Enter hair serum to repair all of that damage and make your hair shine like a star's. JCPenney has a full line of hair serums to repair whatever ails your hair.

How Hair Serums Work

Hair follicles have a cover known as the cuticle, which keeps each strand looking smooth and makes it easy for a comb or brush to pull through. When your hair gets damaged, the cuticle cracks and makes your hair look frizzy, dry, or flyaway. You need to restore the cuticle to smoothness in order to keep your hair manageable. You can use a hair mask to help restore the oils and nutrients, but your hair may need more, and that comes in the form of hair serums.

Hair serums are made with ingredients that include silicone, amino acids, and ceramide, just to name a few. The silicone covers the cuticle and helps protect the individual strand from further damage. It can also prevent breakage that would otherwise occur due to the damage to the hair. The silicone is shiny, which gives the hair the immediate appearance of perfect health and beauty.


Applying Hair Serums

It's pretty simple to apply hair serums. Of course, you should always check the directions first in case there's an additional step that the brand requires for maximum effect, but most tell you to apply them after shampooing your hair. You want your hair to be clean and free from excess oil so the ingredients are effective. Once you're certain the shampoo is out of your hair, use a towel to remove excess water. While your hair is damp, apply the hair serum. Use a comb or your fingers and run them through your hair while avoiding the scalp as much as possible. You want to make your hair shine, not your scalp. Start by getting the serum to the roots and then working outward. Make sure to get the serum all the way to the ends, as it is known for its ability to seal split ends.


The Benefits of Hair Serums

Hair serums make your hair look and feel healthy. No more dryness, no more breakage, and no more flyaway strands that won't settle down. Serums enhance natural or colored hair by catching the light and reflecting it back, eliminating dullness that comes from damage to the hair.

Shop JCPenney today to find the right serum for your hair's needs.

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