Recycle fee info

Mattress Recycling

Currently, California, Connecticut and Rhode Island have enacted mattress recycling programs.These programs are funded through a visible recycling fee collected at retail from customers on each mattress and box spring sold in the state. The fee varies by state and applies to each mattress and box spring sold directly to California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island consumers.  We are required by law to charge the mattress recycling fee on each mattress and box spring sold to consumers in participating states. The fee is a flat rate regardless of mattress size or type. The fee is charged per unit, which means that each mattress and each box spring is considered a separate unit. The mattress recycle fees, applicable by participating states are as follows: California mattress recycling fee is $11 per unit; Connecticut mattress recycling fee is $9 per unit; and Rhode Island mattress recycling fee is $10 per unit.  You’ll see a flat rate mattress recycle fee per unit on your checkout total. As an example, for a California consumer ordering a queen size mattress set, the total mattress recycling fee would be $22 before sales tax is applied. Please note that the recycle fee does not count toward the free shipping order minimum, and is not eligible for earning or redeeming JCPenney Coupons and Rewards.


Effective January 1, 2020, futons have been added to California’s definition of “mattress.” We are required by law to charge a recycling fee of $10.50 on each futon sold on or after January 1, 2020 to California. The fee and recycling obligations apply only to the futon mattresses and do not apply to the futon frames or bases.


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Electronics Recycling

California Electronic Waste Recycling Act: Requires retailers to collect an advanced recovery fee when a consumer purchases new covered electronic products, such as televisions or laptops. The fee is deposited in a fund managed by the state of California, which was created to finance recycling of electronics. The electronics recycle fee will be itemized on your checkout total. For more information on recycling electronics in California, please visit