All About Pots & Pans: What to Buy and Why

Selecting the right type of cookware can make or “bake” your recipe, so considering various cooking surfaces is essential. A new set of cookware is a good option if you’re moving into your new home, or you just need a new set. At JCPenney, you’re just one click away from all the pots and pans you might need for your everyday cooking. Here is a quick guide to help you find cookware that meets your needs.

Stainless Steel

Offering an amazing cooking surface, stainless steel cookware is mostly layered with a great heat conductor like aluminum for quick and even heating. Non-reactive and non-corrosive, highly polished stainless steel provides superior performance and durability as well as timeless beauty. The pan’s exterior resists dents and scratches. In addition, steel cookware is dishwasher- and oven-safe making them easy to maintain.
Cooks Stainless Steel 15-pc. Cookware Set


Often clad with stainless steel for easier cleaning, hard-anodized cookware is an excellent heat conductor with a smooth and durable cooking surface. Most hard-anodized cookware is nonstick, making it easy to clean and an all-purpose choice for cooking with less fat, sautéing, and more.
hard anodized cookware


If you’re looking for an easy way to lessen your cooking routine, consider ceramic cookware. Scratch-resistant and durable, this cookware has a nonstick ceramic finish that is PFOA and PTFE free. They are also easy to clean and heat up quickly and evenly. This cookware is just perfect for everyday use.
Cooks Ceramic 14-pc. Non-Stick Cookware Set

Cast Iron

Extremely strong and durable, cast iron heats evenly and retains heat longer, moving easily from stovetop to oven broiler. There is both pre-seasoned and enameled cast iron available.
GreenPan Rio Ceramic Frying Pan


Nonstick cookware is a great all-purpose choice for cooking with less fat, sautéing, and more. To extend its life, avoid using metal utensils as this can damage the cookware’s coating, and use mild detergents when cleaning.
Cooks Ceramic 14-pc. Non-Stick Cookware Set


Combining the performance of aluminum with the beauty of stainless steel, tri-ply cookware is durable and promotes even heat distribution. It’s also safe to use any type of utensil with and is compatible with cooking on induction stovetops.
Tramontina® Gourmet 16-qt. Tri-Ply Covered Stock Pot

Additional cookware features to consider:

Glass lids

A glass lid lets you see what’s cooking inside without having to lift it and let steam escape.

Pour spouts

Stir things up with a bonus detail that helps you pour sauces or soups straight from the pot without dripping.


Silicone handles are great for those moments when you’re missing an oven mitt. They’re designed to provide a safe and secure grip.

Oven- and dishwasher-safe

If you like to keep it simple with minimal cleanup, look for durable cookware that can go into the oven or dishwasher.

With several materials, styles, and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find cookware that is just your taste.