What is the Best Hairspray?

Hairspray 101

  • There are three basic types of hold to choose from for a hairspray - light, medium, and strong. The difference is the strength of the hold and the flexibility.
  • The strength measures how much the hair will stay in place. The strength of the hold is affected by the size of the droplets that come from the hairspray nozzle. Larger droplets tend to hold firmer onto your hair and smaller droplets usually provide a flexible hold.
  • Flexibility is the amount of hair movement after applying the hair spray. Lighter and medium hold hairsprays allow your hair to have more movement and flexibility
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 Working sprays

These have the least amount of hold. They are typically more flexible, allowing you to use them while you are creating your hairstyle.

Anti Frizz hairspray

A protective finishing spray that prevents frizz by providing humidity protection. It locks out frizz by creating a barrier around the hair.

Volumizing spray

Offers all the benefits of regular hairspray while making your hair appear to be thicker and fuller. 

Texture spray 

Adds weightless texture to your hair and creates a lot of volume.

Shine spray

A type of finishing spray that will add shine to your finished hairstyle.

Thermal spray

Designed to be used before using hot tools, such as flatirons, curlers, and blow dryers. This spray adds a protective barrier to the hair to prevent damage.