We kick off Women’s History Month with a group of inspiring women, and designer Prabal Gurung. Together, they form an alliance of iMPOWERMENT—champions for women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, ages and lifestyles.

Meet the designer

Award-winning fashion designer Prabal Gurung’s collections focus on inclusivity and empowerment. Widely recognized for bringing awareness to underserved communities, poverty and inequity, not only in his homeland of Nepal, but around the world—Prabal is known for making luxury inclusive. His goal: Celebrating all women through designs that make them feel beautiful.  

Meet the trailblazers

From beauty brand founders to iconic supermodels, these women uplift and celebrate others.


JCPenney celebrated each of them with a $10,000 donation to the charity of their choice.

Shalom Harlow

Fashion Icon + Women’s Health Advocate 
A defining face of the 90s—supermodel, actor, now facilitator of pre- and perinatal developmental trauma imprints.

Charity: BEBA Clinic 
Supports families to resolve prenatal, birth and other early trauma, both physical and emotional.

Visit Shalom’s Charity of Choice

Nyakio Grieco

Co-founder, thirteen lune 
Nyakio designed thirteen lune to inspire the discovery of BIPOC-founded beauty brands that resonate with people of all colors. 

Charity: Girls Inc. of Los Angeles
Empowers young girls of LA to transcend stereotypes and systemic barriers.  

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Sara Happ

Founder, Sara Happ Cosmetics  
Not just The Lip Expert™ (her lip scrubs are world-famous) she’s also a mom and a cheerleader for women who lift each other up. 

Charity: Alliance of Moms 
Supporting expectant and parenting youth in LA’s foster care system.

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Prabal Gurung


Charity: Shikshya Foundation Nepal 
Seeks to oversee and facilitate the education of children in need from primary school through secondary school and higher education.

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Natalia Bryant

Film Student + Philanthropist  
Current University of Southern California student and board member of her late father’s foundation. 

Charity: Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation 
Dedicated to creating positive impact for underserved athletes and boys & girls in sports.

Varsha Thapa

Singer-songwriter + Animal Rights Activist  
A Nepalese native in NYC, she moved across the globe to make music, and continues to support Nepal with charity work and assistance.

Charity: Animal Nepal 
Helping to create a society where all animals can live a life free from pain, suffering and human cruelty.

Visit Varsha’s Charity of Choice

Cece Meadows

Founder + CEO, Prados Beauty 
Published poet and makeup artist, she created Prados Beauty to highlight Indigenous peoples, their stories, true history, resiliency and beauty.  

Charity: Native Women Lead 
Empowering American Indian and Alaskan Native women to create systematic change financially and emotionally. 

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