Gemstone Guide


You're a total gem-and your jewelry should reflect that. Some gemstones may have dedicated months, but birth month or not, everyone has a favorite! View each gemstone below and learn about what makes each one unique.

Genuine gemstones are made of natural materials that are cut, polished and shaped to create each gemstone. However, some gemstones are much more rare than others, so scientists have developed lab-created gemstones.

Lab-created gemstones are created in a laboratory from similar materials and conditions as genuine gemstones. These stones usually have fewer inclusions due to the controlled production process and tend to be more affordable than genuine gemstones.

Simulated gemstones are created from less expensive products such as glass, plastic or Cubic Zirconia. These stones are dyed to match the color of genuine gemstones and cut to look the same.

Each individual item's description will disclose whether it is a natural (or genuine) gemstone, a lab-created gemstone or a simulated gemstone.