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Citizen Eco-Drive® watches are sustainably powered by light, no batteries required. Converting any kind of light into energy to power a watch, Eco-Drive enables the surplus to be stored on a power cell. On a full charge, an Eco-Drive watch runs for months even in darkness. It’s designed to charge from ordinary everyday light sources so you can go about your everyday life confident your watch will never stop. 

Kinetic Mechanism

This watch runs entirely on self-generated energy powered by the motion of your body. That means reliable accuracy and no batteries to change. It holds a charge up to six months without being worn. Just recharge with the shake of a wrist.

Automatic or Self-Winding

This mechanical watch has a rotating weight (oscillator) that winds the mainspring whenever you move your arm. It doesn't need a battery and as long as it's moved around every so often, it will never need winding.

Quartz Watch

Most watches today, analog or digital, have a quartz movement. This type of electronic timepiece is battery powered and contains a tiny synthetic quartz crystal, known for accurate timekeeping.

Atomic Watch

This is another type of quartz watch that receives data via radio signal from an official cesium atomic clock. Because of this, these watches can be regularly calibrated for up-to-the-second accuracy.


If you like to keep track of time, here's one that also functions as a stopwatch, capable of recording the time of an event down to tenths/hundredths of a second. It's a chronograph movement that may be either mechanical or electronic (quartz, digital or LCD).

Watches That Fit The Occasion

For time-savvy shoppers, dress watches shine at social events and power meetings. Casual watches take everyday style from workday to weekend. Multifunction sport watches stay on track and on trend.

Materials Used

Stainless Steel Case

The most durable and commonly used watch case material, stainless steel is highly resistant to rusting, scratching and corrosion. Comes in silvertone and goldtone finishes and is often labeled "stainless."

Titanium Case

Titanium is stronger and lighter than steel, it's also corrosion-resistant especially to salt water. Plus, it's nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

Chrome-plated Case

Similar to gold electroplating, a thin layer of chrome covers the case. The more expensive the watch, the thicker the chrome plating.

TICN, TINO, or Ion-plated Case

These cases have a protective and decorative coating of a black, gray, or blue film that can be placed on or combined with other metals.

Mineral Glass

The most common type of protective glass is made of silicon, boron, calcium or manganese oxides. Advantages include excellent clarity, hardness, scratch resistance and pressure resistance.

Synthetic Corundum (Sapphire) Glass

This highly scratch-resistant crystal is created through the fusion of sapphire and mineral glass crystals. Virtually impervious to scratches and cracks, it can be cut thinner than any other watch flass.

Acrylic or Plexiglass Crystal Glass

Made of a synthetic resin, the advantages of acrylic include good clarity, shock resistance, pressure resistance and easy cleaning. Also, minor scratches can be buffed out of the crystal.

Protect Your Watch

Comprehensive protection for normal wear and tear, providing peace of mind for your next watch purchase