Dinnerware Buying Guide

To complement your dinnerware selections you can also choose from a variety of silverware, table linens and glassware which will make your dining table a stylish, functional, comfortable and inviting space where people gather to enjoy food and linger longer for conversation. 

Dinnerware Basics and Settings

Dinner plate

The dinner plate can vary in size and shape but its primary role is to display your main course. 

Salad plate

Smaller in size, salad plates are great for starting a meal or topping it off with a sweet treat. 

Dinner Bowl

This versatile bowl is an easy choice for an all-in-one meal like pasta or stew. But you don’t have to use it only at dinner. 

Soup/Cereal Bowl

These also range in size and shape and are essential to any dinnerware set. Great for everyday, use them for soup, salad, cereal or ice cream. 

Fruit Bowl

This bowl is just the thing when you want a small portion of something – like fruit or a side dish. It’s also handy for serving sauces. 

Coffee Mug

Mugs help you jump start your day, enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up or put a topper on a great meal.

Dinnerware Sets

An easy, affordable way to start or add to your collection is with a dinnerware set. Sets can range from 12 to 30 pieces, depending on how many place settings and serving pieces you need.


Large plates that layer under your place settings, chargers provide a complete-looking table event if your dinner plates are stacked elsewhere waiting to be filled. For decorative use only. 

Bread/Appetizer Plate
These small plates are used for more formal occasions or parties. They are the perfect size for bread and butter or appetizers before the meal.  

Formal Dinnerware

Formal Place Setting
While the pieces are similar – dinner plate, salad plate and so on – formal dinnerware takes your table up a notch. Usually made of fine bone china, these elegant dinnerware pieces bring refinement and style to your table. Chargers and bread plates are often added.   


Serving trays and platters
Show off your appetizers or desserts with these single, two or three-tiered serving pieces, chip and dip bowls and various tray sets. 

Serving Bowl 

Use this larger bowl to serve mashed potatoes, green beans, glazed carrots and other side dishes. Multiple sizes and styles to choose from for serving and storage.

Cheese Boards 

Stylish cheeseboards are made of durable materials like marble, wood and slate. Marble cheese boards showcase a sleek stylish display, while the wooden ones bring a warm and rustic tone to the table. They come in different sizes, ranging from small cutting board style to round spacious boards that can display a variety of cheeses. Some also come with a cheese knife set for added convenience.

Dinnerware Materials

Hand wash or dishwasher safe? Elegant or extra durable? Affordable or a splurge? Our dinnerware comes in a range of materials to fit your style, occasion and budget. 

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Melamine is a lightweight, durable plastic that’s break and chip resistant. It’s available in a wide range of fun colors, patterns and shapes. Usually dishwasher safe but not microwave safe, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining.


This classic form of ceramic is fired at lower temperatures and glazed for a delicate, elegant appearance. Some are microwave and dishwasher safe.


A ceramic fired at high temperatures, stoneware is nonporous and a durable choice for everyday use. Most are microwave and dishwasher safe.


Offered in a variety of colors and patterns, porcelain is chip resistant and durable. Most porcelain is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Bone China

A high-quality porcelain known for its pure white color, translucency and strength, bone china is often more refined and delicate looking. Metallic patterns are not microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended.

How To Set A Formal Table Setting

A. Napkin 
B. Salad Frk 
C. Dinner fork 
D. Bread plate 
E. Salad plate 
F. Dinner plate 
G. Dessert spoon 
H. Cake fork 
I. Placecard 
J. Water glass 
K. Wine glass (red) 
L. Wine glass (white) 
M. Dinner knife 
N. Dinner spoon 
O. Teaspoon

Holidays and other special occasions are the perfect time to get out your beloved china. Knowing where to place each item will let you concentrate on other things - like dessert!
Tip: Add individual touches like napkins folded in a creative way, or placecards so there's no dancing around the table trying to figure out who sits where.

How To Set A Casual Table Setting

A. Napkin 
B. Salad fork 
C. Dinner fork 
D. Bread plate 
E. Salad plate 
F. Dinner plate 
G. Water Glass
H. Wine Glass
J. Dinner Knife
K. Dinner Spoon
L. Teaspon

A casual place setting is about function and putting everyone at ease. If you don't need a particular item (like a soup bowl when you're having salad and lasagna), don't put it out. Simple as that.
Tip: Placemats and napkins are a great way to add more pop to your table. Plus, placemats help keep your table clean.