Do you know if you’re a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? Knowing what your season is can be your styling secret weapon to help determine which colors best suit you, based on two key characteristics: 
1. If your skin tone is warm or cool. 
2. The degree of color contrast between your skin, hair and eyes. 

Check out our guide below to unlock your season’s bounty of colors to work into your wardrobe!


You’re a Spring if: Your complexion exudes warm, bright skin tones – think golden honey hues – without any coolness. Secondly, your features clearly contrast, which means your skin, hair and eyes have a high degree of color difference. 

Your go-to colors: Call on the warm and bright colors of spring from greens to yellows, orangey reds, light browns and peachy pinks, to best complement your complexion. Embrace gold-tone jewelry and makeup to complete your look.


You’re a Summer if: You have cool undertones that provide a unique glow that is best accentuated with specific hair colors that may reflect blue, pink or red under the skin’s surface. And your features are soft with less contrast, meaning there’s similar coloring between your skin, eyes and hair. 

Your go-to colors: Soft, cool-tone colors will flatter your complexion–think white, navy or green, gray, cool blue or pink, a dusty rose, lavender or other muted purples. For makeup and jewelry, lean towards silvery tones instead of gold.


You’re an Autumn if: Your complexion is warm with rich, golden undertones and your features (hair, skin and eyes) have little contrast, i.e., similar coloring. 

Your go-to colors: Embrace the natural hues of fall that are warm, deep and earthy, such as golden browns, warm greens, orangey reds or golden yellow. Go for gold tones when it comes to makeup and jewelry.


You’re a Winter if: Your complexion has cool tones, and your eye, skin and hair features have high contrast (different coloring). 

Your go-to colors: Vivid, jewel-tone colors, such as cobalt blue, magenta, royal purple, a true blue or red. Or alternatively, draw on base colors of black, crisp white and navy to build your wardrobe. Avoid warm tones in makeup and jewelry, opting for silver instead of gold.