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Sleeping Positions

Your normal sleeping position will determine which pillow is right for you. Whether you’re a side, stomach or back sleeper, JCPenney has a pillow that will make your sleeping experience more relaxing.


Sleep Style Comfort/Firmness Pillow Fill
Stomach Soft - Medium Synthetic
Back Medium - Firm Natural
Side Firm - Extra-Firm Memory Foam

Although you may move around in your sleep, you probably have a position that is most comfortable.


Stomach: If this is your preferred position, you can minimize the strain on your neck by selecting a flat pillow (with less fill) that is soft and light.


Back: A medium-to-firm, average-fill pillow is well-suited to this position. The medium fill will offer your neck correct support and your head some softness.


Side: A firm to extra-firm, extra-fill pillow that will provide enough support so that your neck is correctly aligned with your spine is required for the side sleeper.


Not Sure/Frequently Change Positions: It’s best to go with a soft pillow that can be fluffed/adjusted to achieve comfort in various positions. Natural fill pillows fit the bill as they are most flexible.


Please note that the above are recommendations only and should not replace any medical advice or personal experiences.

Pillow Fill

Options such as natural, synthetic and memory foam each have benefits that will contribute to a restful sleep.

Natural Fill Pillows

Natural-fill pillows are filled with down, feathers or a combination of both. Down is the finest natural insulator— soft and resilient, and it provides comfort without becoming lumpy or flat. Feathers provide more support and firmness to a pillow. Natural-fill pillows are considered to be the most luxurious pillows.

Hyperallergenic Pillows

The highest quality hyperallergenic synthetic filled pillows provide “down-like” support. These down-alternative fills are micro-gel fibers or poly-clusters that simulate the softness of down. Polyester fills are lightweight, durable and hypoallergenic.

Memory Foam Pillows

Heat- and weight-sensitive visco-elastic foam conforms to your exact body shape. It reduces pressure, gives support and provides a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Pillow Sizes

Euro pillows can be stacked in multiples depending on bed size and styling needs.