Rug Size: How to Measure

The ideal rug size is crucial to creating the look you want. It’s important to consider furniture and its placement, as well as room size.

Before you buy, use a measuring tape to determine your room dimensions. Don’t forget to consider elements like fireplaces, doorways, furniture size and room traffic.

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Living Room Rugs

To use one rug to cover an entire family room, measure the room’s length and width and subtract 12 to 48 inches from each dimension to determine the minimum and maximum-sized rug that will look properly scaled for the room. An 8 by 10 inch rug typically works well in a family room. Accent a coffee table with a smaller rug—just be sure the rug is large enough to hold the entire table and leave a proportional amount of flooring between the floor and furniture.

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Dining Room Rugs

Dining room rugs should be at least 40 to 54 inches longer and wider than the table with 24 inches of space between the rug and walls. This should provide enough room for chair legs to remain on the rug, even when pulled out.

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Bedroom Rugs

For a rug under your bed, choose a rug that is 48 inches wider and 24 inches longer than the bed. Or use a smaller rug to place under two bed legs, making sure the floor is visible on all sides of the bed.

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Smaller Areas

When considering a rug for the kitchen, think about the space limitations caused by cabinetry, appliances and islands. You may want to consider small rugs in front of task areas, runners or even accent rugs to properly fit the space, while softening the feel of the room.

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These long, linear spaces can be effectively accented using runners that lead the eye from one area to another.

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Create a positive first impression with a round rug or runner. Smaller patterns can complement tight quarters and allow the rug to become an accent rather than a focal point.

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Many of the guidelines you use to choose indoor carpet size apply outdoors as well. Outdoor rugs are an easy way to add color to your deck or patio and offer protection from the elements.

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