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A wearable computing device worn on the wrist that offers functionality and capabilities similar to those of a smartphone. Smartwatches are designed to, either on their own or when paired with a smartphone, provide features like connecting to the internet, running mobile apps, making calls, messaging, caller ID, fitness monitoring, GPS coordinates and more.


Provides similar functionality of a smartwatch when connected to a smartphone like heartrate monitoring, running mobile apps, messaging, and GPS coordinates. Activity trackers offer a slimmer and sportier profile than a traditional smartwatch with a focus on health and fitness.


A fusion between a mechanical/traditional watch and a smartwatch. Does not include touchscreens.


Your tech wearable is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Sync your wearable to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth connectivity.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitor and measure your heart rate (heart beats per minute) 24/7, including resting heart rate, to better track your cardio fitness levels.

On-wrist payments  

Make purchases straight from your wearable using Fitbit Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Add your debit/credit card to your wearable and use it anywhere mobile pay is available.

Built-in GPS

Track your pace, distance, and location. View your exercise route upon completion of your workout or just find your way around town.

Sleep Monitoring

Wear your tech wearable to sleep to track the duration, stages and schedule of your sleep. Data collected from your wearable can be used for insights and tips to improve your sleep quality.

Activity Tracking

You move and your tech wearable tracks it. Know how many calories burned and floors climbed daily. Your tech wearable has a built-in pedometer, which also allows you to track your steps daily.

Water Resistance

Wear your tech wearable to wash your hands, shower or bathe, or swim in shallow waters. Most wearables are water resistant up to 50m, but be sure to check specifications for how much water it can withstand.


Receive incoming calls, missed calls, text messages, emails, social media posts, appointment/calendar reminders and alarms straight to your wearable.

Music Storage

Store or download music streaming apps directly on the wearable.

On-screen Workouts

Displays downloaded workouts directly on your screen. Coaches you through moves or entire workouts.

Female Health

Log your menstrual cycle in the app, gauge ovulation and get private alerts on your wrist.

Guided Breathing Sessions

Find moments of calm with guided breathing sessions that are personalized based on your heart rate.

Protect Your Smart Watch

Watch Protection Plan

Purchase a watch protection plan to protect your next watch purchase in case anything unexpected happens.