Packing Tips

Consider what type of luggage you need based on days you’ll spend living out of your luggage, and also what type of belongings you plan on packing. If you’re going out of the country don’t forget to get an outlet converter. You don’t want to be caught without your flat iron!

A durable carry-on and a laptop case work for business travelers or those who jetset throughout the year. Less is more when you need efficiency and organization. A garment bag is also a good investment and can be carried on the plane to protect that power suit.

Business Travel

You'll be packing more and that means more luggage, especially if you have kids. Go with a rolling luggage set to hold it all and make it easier to get around airports and hotels. Give older children backpacks that give them a feeling of responsibility as well as hands-free toting. Choose luggage with an expandable feature and you’ll have extra room for those souvenirs.

Family Travel

The most important thing to getting around in the great outdoors? A hands-free experience. That’s why a backpack is the only way to go. With advanced design and convenient compartments, they’re not kids’ play anymore. There are even styles that function like a carry-on but zip away to give a lightweight backpack option as well.

Outdoor Travel

Duffels have come a long way. With wheeled options and lots of compartments to keep clean clothes and toiletries separated, the easiest thing about your work out will definitely be your duffel bag.

Sports & Fitness

For a short trip, a duffel bag, carry-on or backpack is a smart choice. And, if you’re flying, you’ll never have to wait for your bags when you land. Every minute counts, especially on a short trip.

Weekend Getaways

Do your homework

Check your carrier for weight and size luggage limits.

Need some tips on packing?

Suitcase Sizes: 19" to 22", Length of Clothes: 1 to 4 days of clothes

Suitcase Sizes: 23" to 26", Length of Clothes: 3 to 7 days of clothes

Suitcase Sizes: 27" to 28", Length of Clothes: 7 to 10 days of clothes

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