Towel Sizes & Care Tips

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How to Choose the Right Towel Size

Whether you need super-large bath sheets or smaller hand towels, use our sizing guide to choose the right fit for you and your space.

Bath Sheets: Measure approximately 34x60"

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Bath Towels: Measure approximately 34x54"

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Hand Towels: Measure approximately 16x28"

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Washcloths: Measure approximately 13x13"

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Fingertip Towels: Measure approximately 11x18"

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Bath Mats: Measure approximately 21x34"

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How to Care For Your Towels

Care labels can only take you so far. Soak up the following insider tips to get the best, long-lasting results for your new favorite towels.


Wash once before use. This will help set the color, improve absorbency and reduce lint.

Some lint might occur in the first few launderings, but it will diminish each time. This does not affect the look, feel or performance of your towel. Just remember to keep the lint trap clean on your dryer.


Stay away from fabric softeners.

Though they sound appealing, they actually leave residue on the fibers, which reduces absorbency and makes the yarn construction stiffer.


Add a little vinegar.

Fight that musty towel smell by periodically adding a cup of distilled white vinegar to the wash. Added bonus: this will also remove residue and improve absorbency.


Use caution with skin care products.

Some skin products containing Benzoyl Peroxide can leave bleach marks or spots on your towels, so you should avoid contact if possible. If it’s impossible, stick with white towels for wiping your face.

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