Coffee Makers & Tea Makers

With our helpful guide, it's never been easier to find your cup of tea (or coffee). Read below to get great tips on selecting your favorite morning appliances.

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What’s Your Brew?

Drip Coffee Maker ›

Multi-cup models are many coffee-lovers favorite. This type of machine offers a variety of benefits including programmability and affordability, allowing you to enjoy your caffeine-fix with ease.

Single-Cup Coffee Maker ›

Brew a single cup of coffee or tea with ease using prepackaged coffee pods. Hot water is filtered through the pod and brewing takes place with the push of a button. No mess. Just magnificent coffee.

Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker ›

No drive through needed. From lattes to cappuccinos, craft your favorite cafe-quality espresso beverages at home in just 25-30 seconds and for a fraction of the cost. Make sure your machine has a built-in wand to stream or froth for the perfect finish.

Electric Kettle ›

Whether it’s for tea, coffee or something totally different, boiling water is a breeze with an electric kettle. With a faster heating rate and auto shut off features, you won’t have to wait for that watched pot to boil anymore.

Percolator ›

Perfect for entertaining, the percolator has made a comeback. A tubing system helps water travel up to a chamber containing coffee grinds, so you can brew as much or as little as you’d like. No paper filters needed.

Traditional Kettle ›

There’s no replacement for a whistling kettle when it comes to tea-time. With a variety of finishes and color choices, a tea kettle can be left out on the stove and displayed proudly.

Teapot ›

Steep and serve with ease. Heat hot water, then infuse with your favorite tea. The perfect flavor is easily achieved through the right brew time. From light and refreshing or bold and full flavored—the choice is yours.

Tea Maker ›

Perfect for tea lovers on the go. Custom brew coffee-house style hot and cold tea in minutes. Use teabags or loose leaves for the perfect flavor.

French Press ›

One of the oldest forms of coffee making in the world, the French press remains a preferred method for coffee connoisseurs. The press is also a handy tool for brewing loose-leaf teas, so if you are a house divided, this could be the solution you’ve waited for.

Coffee Grinder ›

Do you like your grinds fine and smooth or do you prefer a coarser bean? The choice is yours. Create whichever you prefer with a coffee grinder and enjoy fresh coffee daily.

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