our price match guarantee

For information on JCPenney’s Price Match Guarantee, click here.

pricing error

We work hard to ensure the accuracy of pricing on JCPenney.com, but despite our best efforts, pricing errors occur. If the price you are charged for any item is higher than the price posted or advertised, we will promptly refund the difference. If an item’s correct price is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, contact you for instructions before shipping or, cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation. Prices and discounts in Alaska and Puerto Rico may differ from stateside prices and discounts.

one time sales adjustments

One time sales adjustments will be made in-store within 14 days of the purchase with the original sales receipt.

staying connected with JCPenney

JCPenney shoppers can subscribe to email or mobile alerts. Subscribers will be among the first to know about all the exciting things happening at JCPenney, including new brands and shops, great prices every day, clearance, and our price match and happy returns policies. To subscribe, enter your email address or mobile number in the “get connected” section of JCPenney.com. Or you can “like” us on facebook or follow us on twitter. You can unsubscribe at any time.

promotional code and JCPenney rewards

where do I enter my JCPenney coupons and JCPenney rewards?

You can enter your coupon and reward codes in your shopping bag or at checkout in the coupons & rewards section.

what’s the difference between a coupon code and JCPenney rewards code?

A JCPenney coupon code is a promotional code when applied either discounts your order, items in your order or shipping charges. A JCPenney rewards code is an earned reward that is tied to your personal JCPenney rewards account. To apply or register for a JCPenney rewards account click here. JCPenney coupons “promotional” vs. "shipping" Use only one promotional coupon per order. A promotional coupon will reduce either an item or multiple items in your order by either a fixed $ off or a % off. Use only one shipping coupon per order. A shipping coupon will apply a discount to the shipping charges.

how do I use a coupon?

If you have a coupon - enter the promo code in the entry field under “JCPenney coupons” and click apply. Some promo codes require a serial number. If the promo code you have entered requires a serial number another entry field will open for you to enter the number and click apply.

how do I use a reward code?

If you have a JCPenney rewards code - enter the reward code in the entry field under “jcpenney rewards” and click apply. JCPenney rewards require a serial number. If the promo code you have entered requires a serial number another entry field will open for you to enter the number and click apply.

can I combine promotional codes and JCPenney rewards codes?

Yes, JCPenney allows for a maximum of ten codes to be redeemed, with no more than one promotional code and one free shipping code per order.

can I use promotional code and/or reward code on anything I want to order?

Each promotional code and reward code has unique terms, please read the terms and conditions for details.

how do I know if the promotional code or reward code was applied to my order?

The promotional code and/or reward code will be reflected in the “pricing summary” area of the page.

what happens when I pick up my order at a jcpenney store and the promotional code and/or reward code has not been applied to my total?

Save the promotional code and/or reward code and bring it with you when you pick-up your order. Your order total can be adjusted.


what is clearance pricing?

The term clearance is used for permanent markdowns. These items will not return to the original price, and may have had intermediate price reductions.