Lighting Types

Ambient Lighting

• Ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures 
that direct light downwards.

• Wall sconces which wash the 
walls and/or ceiling with light.

• Floor lamps and pendants that 
bounce light off ceilings and walls. 

Task Lighting

• Recessed and track lighting bright 
enough to avoid eye-straining.

• Pendant and portable fixtures which 
don’t cast distracting shadows.

• Floor, desk, and table lamps add style and 
spotlight the setting to a study or a larger living space.

Accent Lighting

• Wall light and sconces illuminate intimate 
spaces and direct light where needed.

• Recessed spot lighting emphasize 
areas to highlight in the home.

• Track lighting enhances 
small and large spaces.

• Wall-mounted picture lights bring brighten
hallways and spotlight special decor.

Lightbulb Types

Lighting adds to the way a space feels and we understand every person has a vision for their home. Create your desired ambience and bring your decor dreams to reality by adding beautiful lighting that’s tailored to the needs and aesthetic of each space. Our selection of lighting hardware and bulbs make sure you find exactly what you need. LED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs are an energy-efficient and economical option, that offer a vast variety of lighting effects and are the ideal choice. With the entry of smart led bulbs, the lighting solutions have changed drastically. They use a fraction of the energy and up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs- a huge cost savings for your energy bill. Halogen can be a good alternative as they are more energy-efficient than incandescent light. Unfortunately the replacement and overall lifetime costs are extremely high and they are less capable than both LED and CFL. CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) runs less hot than incandescent light and is more energy-efficient. But compared with LEDs it has a shorter lifespan causing illumination reduction over time. Also, it's essential you dispose of these bulbs carefully as they contain mercury. As lumens meaure birghtness, the color temperature of light can intensely effect the mood setting of any room. Decipher your decor needs by choosing between: Warm Light- Creates an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Neutral Light- Perfect for concetrating on work tasks in a home office or kitchen. Cool Light- Helps to increase productivity and is best for areas in need of more focus.

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